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Zero followers, zero likes, zero comments. Right now, my blog is as empty as the centre of a doughnut.

Since my brain juices tend to have a mind on their own and may not produce nice stuff at a regular interval of time, Daily Blogging is a big no-no for me but I WILL try to post weekly 🙂 Yay!

This post does not really have any specific content but is an introductory post in which I am trying to give YOU an idea about what to expect from my blog. I will be making this a melting pot of almost all genres of blogging- from sharing experiences to casually recording my life, writing stories, maybe even a few poems and a host of other things.

The reason why I started a blog is because I can just let my thoughts run wild here and actually have real people read it. Writing a journal is great, but being the careless, sloppy person I am, I may just lose it or ruin it. A blog has less chances to perish as compared to a diary, PLUS it gives me a chance to interact with people, sooo…why not?

I am really excited to embark on this new journey and cannot wait to see how things turn out! Till then,

Stay beautiful and spread love!