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Don’t all gifts come in coloured wrappers?

Wrapping the gifts ensure that whatever lies inside is a surprise, an enigma…it is to be unraveled only by the person it is meant for. For the onlookers, it is a parcel which they measure up with their eyes and try hard to fathom what is concealed, but fail most of the time. The human nature has this queer habit of wrapping things too beautifully-even its own self. If one is not meant to see the truth, they won’t be able to. We only see what we’re allowed to see.

The irrational side of human psyche judges other humans like the parcels, not caring about the content that matters, drawing unfounded conclusions based on what the eye tells them.

Facades are created to mislead the beholder, it is created by those trying to project themselves as someone they are not or to be accepted. Because of the bigoted individuals who set norms for being “acceptable” in society, many have to lie through their teeth, force their facial muscles to smile, cage away their true selves.

Facades are not just food for the superficial souls-they are also escapades for those who have been led to believe that it is wrong to be themselves to be loved.

This was a response post to today’s daily prompt from WordPress- Facade.


Gearing up


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Zero followers, zero likes, zero comments. Right now, my blog is as empty as the centre of a doughnut.

Since my brain juices tend to have a mind on their own and may not produce nice stuff at a regular interval of time, Daily Blogging is a big no-no for me but I WILL try to post weekly 🙂 Yay!

This post does not really have any specific content but is an introductory post in which I am trying to give YOU an idea about what to expect from my blog. I will be making this a melting pot of almost all genres of blogging- from sharing experiences to casually recording my life, writing stories, maybe even a few poems and a host of other things.

The reason why I started a blog is because I can just let my thoughts run wild here and actually have real people read it. Writing a journal is great, but being the careless, sloppy person I am, I may just lose it or ruin it. A blog has less chances to perish as compared to a diary, PLUS it gives me a chance to interact with people, sooo…why not?

I am really excited to embark on this new journey and cannot wait to see how things turn out! Till then,

Stay beautiful and spread love!